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Veterans of the tumultuous Philadelphia music scene, both Jeep and Walt have enjoyed quiet success in a tough market. In 1996, these contemporaries were enjoying the indie label lifestyle. Walt performed lead guitarist duties for Apathy, canvasing the eastern seaboard.

"Apathy would promote by playing where the action was. For example, we traveled to Atlanta for the Olympics and performed in the street, in front of a Zack Wylde gig," recalling Hertell, "We had so many encore requests we played our set three times, until I broke all my picks, and played with a quarter until I ran out of strings!"

While Walt was burning up I-95, Jeep was performing in a industrial metal act Caustic Liquid Hatred while producing musical acts in the Philadelphia studio scene. "The mid-90's was a musically fertile time and like breathing for me. I would run recording sessions during the weekdays, and perform with CLH on the weekends," remembers Jeep, "At the gigs, I was networking and looking for bands to record. Any opening in the studio schedule, my band would record. It was 24/7."

It was during a line-up change of Caustic Liquid Hatred that Jeep and Walt were introduced by a mutual friend. It was Rob Bilyard from the Shut Eye Train who made the match. "I was recruiting Rob to be a part of the next phase of CLH. He and his brother were jamming with Walt and Eric of Apathy," said Jeep laughing, "and wound up poaching his entire band!"

Though CLH disbanded shortly during a failed attempt at recording their 2nd album, Jeep and Walt had bonded as friends and made the decision to start fresh with a new project. The new project wouldn't materialize for another ten years.

Suffering from musical flame-out, Jeep decided to move to North Carolina and catch his breath. "I spent over 10 years relentlessly building my career only to have it come crashing down around me when my muse fell silent," said Jeep, "I have always heard my music playing like a radio in my head, and one day it stopped. I needed to find a life outside of music to ground me and serve as a foundation to revive my muse."

Jeep and Walt remained close despite the distance, and they found solace in the internet which allowed them to trade musical ideas. It wasn't long before Jeep and Walt had compiled a bunch of songs; some new and some revamped from earlier writings. Basking in the warm glow of the flames of rekindled muse, they felt the time was right. Jeep and Walt recorded the songs remotely, sending files back and forth via the internet.

"Recording in the comfort of our own homes is really liberating," offered Walt, "It really gave me the time to explore and the space to truly create without serving the agenda of others."

All that remained was the creation of a name.

PLOW! MF'er was derived from the visual onomatopoeia graphics from comic books. They searched for a name with impact describing the feeling Jeep and Walt felt by playing their music.

"I like to think of our music as Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction punching me in the face with the kitschy 70's Batman cartoon PLOW! flashing before my eyes," explained Jeep.

The members now thrive in a "free range" environment of creativity, unfettered by the confines of pigeonholing. The concept of the PLOW! MF'er album is one of experimentation. In fact, evidenced by their blatant disregard to yield to the uniformity that constitutes today's commercial success, PLOW! MF'er creates art for art's sake without apology. "We're old school rockers. We rock out!" announced Walt, "You won't find a ukulele anywhere near us."

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Walt Hertell, Jeep Donati
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Rock / Freak Out / Moonage Daydream

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Farmington, NM

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