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Do you know where your girlfriend is right now? Probably the same place you left your wallet, with Johnny Polygon.

What can you say about Johnny that won’t make a person laugh, cry, sigh or have the cops knocking on your door at 6 in the morning asking where you were the night before. Johnny Polygon is an experience.

Starting as a b-boy and break-dancer in his youth because it looked fun, Johnny witnessed the art of rapping and just knew he could do it better than the local talent surrounding him. Cocky as that may seem, Johnny, at age 14 possessed a natural talent that blossomed in the modest city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Even raw and untrained he had the ear to find the right beat and turn it into a canvas for his stories.

Cram Slick Rick, Tupac and Eminem into a sock and beat the Pixies to death with it, sprinkling their ashes over Freddy Mercury and Kirk Cobain, then somehow impregnating Lauren Hill with the fodder, the resulting child might have a chance of entering the same school as Johnny Polygon, but definitely wouldn’t be in the same class. Armed with razor wit and defiant pride, Johnny participated in local theater groups and rap battles helping him develop a sense of stage presence and projection. Surviving on the underground Midwest scene for several years amassing self-released albums, Johnny headed out to the west coast, doubling his back catalog of recorded music with potent Hip Hop and indie R&B tracks.

Johnny Polygon has enjoyed every stage he’s stepped on including the Knitting Factory and the Roxy. He performed the 2004 Warped Tour and has opened for De La Soul, KRS and The Beatnuts. His celebrity fans include Ice Cube, DMC of Run DMC, and Mark Ronson, to name a few. He’s now working with notable producer DJ Green Lantern, whom “discovered” him on MusicNation.com where Johnny placed as a semifinalist in a competition out of hundreds of other talented rappers. Most recently Johnny Polygon has signed with DJ Green Lantern and Future Green Entertainment recording songs for the Grand Theft Auto 4 video game, “Black President” by Nas and a full length album.

Constantly writing and creating music, Johnny’s talent inspires those who choose to work with him. With all of these positive events happening, Johnny Polygon is getting ready for bigger and better things. The future is bright and I can’t wait to see what else comes our way. But as for trying to find out what happened to your wallet and girlfriend, don’t try calling Johnny cause Johnny don’t have a phone.

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