Keith Johnson-Keith’s vocals are powerful and soulful. His vocal interpretation of Paul Rodgers is impeccable. His tonality and timbre even mirror Paul’s. On top of that, he is an exceptional guitarist and keyboard player. Look for lots of feel and plenty of vocal gymnastics. He is a joy to watch. You will be amazed at how much he sounds like Paul.

Kenny Rardin-Kenny is a local icon and a guitar playing and tone guru. He emotes with the finesse of a man who feels his music from the heart. His tone is world class. He is a guitarist’s guitarist. You won’t want to miss the master at work. He is a top notch player. His vintage gear is worth coming to see!

Cindy Mack-Cindy Mack is an Upper Midwest Hall of Fame award winner. Her bass playing and singing is solid and spot on. Her love for the music is evident on stage. Her tone is incredible and her feel is right on the money. Come and see this woman rock the rhythm section.
Mark Marrinan-Mark’s solid groove and great feel drive the band . He is the heartbeat of the signature style that made Paul Rodger’s music timeless. You will enjoy his attention to detail and his obvious joy playing his kit; it is contagious. Check out this man as he lays down the rock and soul.

Tim Andersen- Another man with lots of vintage gear, he is a consummate pro. He excels on his 12 string Rickenbacher and his other electric guitars and brings a passion to the stage you don’t see every day. His tone and his feel are evidence of his commitment to bring an authentic Paul Rodger’s guitar sound to the stage every song. He is also an audio engineer and is well known in multiple states for his guitar playing and his studio work. Watch Tim work his magic on this music he loves!

1. Ready for Love
2. Sea Gull
3. Can’t Get Enough
4. Gone Gone Gone
5. Radioactive
6. Silver Blue and Gold
7. Bad Company
8. Too Bad
9. Running With The Pack
10. Louisiana Blues
11. Shooting Star
12. Feel Like Making Love
13. Satisfaction Guaranteed
14. Wishing Well
15. Simple Man
16. Ride A Pony
17. Muddy Water Blues
18. Alright Now
19. Movin’ On
20. Rock Steady
21. She Moves Me
22. Fire and Water
23. Rock and Roll Fantasy
24. Do Right By Your Woman
25. Electric Land
26. Burning Sky
27. The Hunter
28. The Stealer
29. Young Blood
30. Mr. Big

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Keith Johnson, Kenny Rardin, Mark Marrinan,Cindy Mack, Tim Andersen
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Saint Paul, MN

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