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Ynerio Alberto Sarcos Inciarte (artistically known as YNE) was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela on August 7, 1985. From his early childhood he had a marked inclination to the various art forms in which he participates as an actor and performer. At 7 years old his desire to learn, leads him to participate in samples of theater under the tutelage of Ines Laredo, with whom he developed confidence as an actor.

His development as an actor leads him to be interested in music and began learning to play the "Cuatro" Venezuelan folklore typical instrument (like guitar). After studying musical arrangements and composition, he began his career as the bassist of the most important musical groups from Venezuela, working also as composer and arranger. His knowledge of acting and his mastery of the bass placed him on a higher level than his peers, earning the recognition of the Venezuelan public and media.

In 2005, he founded the band CAIBO, with which he manages to create a special and unique sound by merging the different rhythms of Venezuelan folklore with international pop music. His songs "Tres son Multitud" "Sandunguera" and "Caibo" immediately become successful sales and radio airplay, consolidating his career as a composer and arranger.

As a musician, bassist, arranger and music producer & director, Ynerio has collaborated with artists of the stature of Myriam Hernandez, Ricardo Montaner, Victor Drija, Enio and Jose Ignacio, Oscarcito, Victor Munoz, Agape, Local 34, and Writesounds among many others. He has also participated in hundreds of recordings for various national and international artists, and has played hundreds of sessions for jingles, radio and television station logos, film scores, record albums, and compact discs.

Now, he is part of the proyect "Yne y Wasmo" with his partner Erasmo Huerta and they are working on their first Album "Como suena un BEAT sin nosotros?"

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