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Woolgather is far from the average, self-proclaimed "original and industry changing" Austin-based rock band that seem to storm the modern underground scene today, some might say. If ever a band with such a promising and unique sound has taken all that they possibly could, from blood and sweat, time and money, pain and joy, detest and love, and poured it into each surreal note played and each emotion tugged, this passionate and determine trio known as Woolgather is without question among such artists. While it's difficult to directly compare them to any one band, Woolgather's sound would seemingly fit the stage with the likes of bands such as Dredg, Thrice, Brand New, Canada's Matthew Good, Wintersleep, Mogwai, or the U.K.'s Biffy Clyro. And the list could go on.
First seeing the light of day as Woolgather in 2006, early 2007 gave birth to 'The Disenchantment EP', which was the first true precursor for the band's evolution that late-2009 saw with Woolgather's first debut album, "Programmes: Vol. I - The Pleasure Principle", which, following its release on Sep. 22, 2009 in the U.S., had over 5,000 full downloads of the entire digitally released album in less than 5 days. Magnificently recorded and produced by David Dickinson at Boiler Room Studios in Austin, TX, "Programmes: Vol. I" would inexplicably become almost literally an overnight internet success, being listened to, reviewed, and talked about from one corner of the world to another.
With progressive, post-rock musicianship, yet still not lacking the elements of modern pop-rock, catchy melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and intense structures, unpredictable and ever satisfying, Woolgather is out to make a point; that "dream is destiny."

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Taylor Jones - Bass, Casey Tipton - Vocals/Guitar, Charles McGrath - Drums
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Rock / Progressive / Post-rock

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Colorado Springs, CO
Casey T. Tipton