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The Behavior of Vibration

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Guitarist, Composer Shan Kenner releases his sixth album a Bandleader, Composer. The Behavior of Vibration'
with Pianist Albert Marques, Bassist Ryan Berg and drummer Darrell Green is two -- 5 hour -- sessions cut at Tedesco Studios Paramus New Jersey, in the Spring of 2013. Kenner's album captures the group's live energetic and passionate interplay, working Kenner's new compositions as a working music unit and exploring a first time milestone Guitar and Piano in the studio for Shan, using Electric, Jazz Hollowbody, Classical and Steel String acoustic guitars with the band.

Compositionally with strong melodies and Vibrant arrangements, The Behavior of Vibration' allows for plenty of room, pushing and inspiring group personnel to sonically express themselves and their music vibration simultaneously deeply rooted in various realms of Jazz, World, Flamenco and African inspirations.

Recorded and mixed using vintage mixing gear, analog Neve preamps, Steinway B Piano, Neumann/Coles Mics, Inward Motions outboard units. We hope you enjoy our new album!!

About Shan Kenner:
Guitarist Shan Kenner has been writing original compositions and performing on stage since he was 15 years old, coming from a musical family, Shan’s entire life has been surrounded with music, enriched creativity and his love for guitar.

Kenner is a self-trained musician and guitarist who taught himself, composition, arranging, sight reading, horn arranging, in addition to Classical & Flamenco guitar techniques, modern jazz harmony and latin – clave based concepts. Kenner attributes growing up in Los Angeles, CA and the areas great diversity as an inspiration and the fertile ground of stellar guitarists to be fostered from, as the foundation to his style.

Kenner’s desire to work with jazz that crosses over into free form/drum and bass, with influences of world music, brought his career to San Francisco in 1998, forming the bay area power quartet Lithium, featuring Ches Smith on drums, Andy Woodhouse bass and trumpeter Dave Allen. Their 2001 Release Lithium – Live SF is a vaulted classic. Kenner also worked regularly with Bay Area tenor saxophone titan Vince Wallace, alto saxist, Bishop Norman Williams and Sonny Simmons, including soprano master Prince Lasha. Kenner has played on numerous studio sessions for soundtracks, house music producers, electronica and classical and flamenco guitar sessions.

In the Fall of 2007, Kenner moved to New York City, quickly forming a trio with bassist Ryan Berg and drummer Rudy Royston, their 2008 release Brooklyn Sketches received glowing reviews internationally and launched Kenner’s brand new NYC career into the fast lane. The CDs success has allowed the group to perform in Europe, Athens Greece, Helsinki Finland, Central

“Kenner is constantly striving to break new ground with his use of abstract rhythms and complex harmonic and melodic ideas throughout Brooklyn Sketches. Though this is a formidable task for any musician, Kenner and his trio rely on their strong musicianship and group dynamic to breathe new life into the jazz guitar trio genre, all the while maintaining an emotional connection to the music.”
~Matthew Warnock All About Jazz

“There’s lots of energy to this recording of originals along with covers of Miles Davis and Bill Evans “Blue In Green” and Chick Corea’s “Windows”. Guitarist Kenner, bassist Ryan Berg and drummer Rudy Royston form a cohesive unit that puts a premium on small-group swing”
~Downbeat Magazine Feb 2009

“This is superbly structured and compelling small group mainstream jazz, executed by three ‘dedicated for the sake of art’ jazz artists. Shan in particular has a wonderful propensity to proffer somewhat of a suspended dissonance to drive his music forward. He succeeds at this succinctly. The motives of the combined band seem pure in that the band seems to bring a higher quality of music and art form to folks one might not think one could reach. They’re definitely keepers.”
~The Musicians’ Ombudsman

“The West Coast improv adventurer parachutes into New York City and lands on his feet with this hypnotic nine-song jazz trio record”
~Jude Gold

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