A solid union of rockers raised on both sides of the Mason-Dixon, Voodelic stirs together timeless soul-soaked R&B and funk, brain-warping psychedelia, and flat-out hard rock.
The quintet of vocalist Little Earl, keyboardist Ross Rice, bassist Colin Almquist, guitarist Eric Cartwright, and drummer Dan Cartwright got its start in the backwoods of Palenville, New York, in 2003, and thanks to its high-energy live shows, is currently one of the region’s most exalted club acts. With its deep and timeless classic rock-and blues-grounded sound, Voodelic is refreshingly at odds with most newer bands: The group’s 2010 debut, Conjure, brims with impossibly funky testimonials, bludgeoning sledgehammer jams, and topical tunes that move the mind as well as the feet. But, as undeniably addictive and full-sounding the album is,
it’s still the stage where Voodelic’s spell lives largest.
The spectacle of wild-eyed and blues-wailin' barefoot shaman Little Earl, bouncing like a juiced-up Rasputin as Rice’s funky synths and gospel swells and the righteous ramalama of Almquist and the Cartwright brothers fill the room with merciless grooves is enough to turn hypnotized dancers into quivering puddles of sweat.
“No one leaves a Voodelic show dry,” raves Jimmy Buff, program director of Woodstock’s WDST-FM. “You just have to move!”

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Little Earl - Lead Vocals, Colin Almquist - Bass Guitar/Vocals, Dan Cartwright - Drums/Vocals, Ross Rice - Keyboards/Vocals, Eric Cartwright - Guitar
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Rock / Funk/Gospel/Blues/Jam

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Kingston, NY
Little Earl Voodelic