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Feel free to message me if you're in Nashville and needing a drummer for live performance or studio.

Zack Phillips is one of the most in the pocket and groove oriented drummers in music. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the studio or live, he always goes by the same philosophy... K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid). This guideline/discipline allows him to approach a song and give it what it needs, not what he wants it to have. The results being extremely happy artists/bands.

When it comes to the live performance/show... you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone that’s a better showman and you WILL NOT find another drummer that plays with as much passion and emotion as he does. At the end of the night, eveything he had is left on stage.

When it comes to Zack’s talent, it doesn’t just stop with the drums. He ‘s able to play almost all brass horns and some piano. He’s also a more than able singer. One of his biggest strengths and talent is in songwriting. He’s written for his musical projects and many others.

You’re probably asking yourself right now... How much experience does he have and what has he accomplished???

*He’s performed in over 1,000+ live shows and toured extensively.
*He has numerous live radio and TV appearences with various artists.
*He’s recorded and performed for numerous artists in various genres of music including... Country, Rock, Gospel, and Children’s.
*He’s an accomplished songwriter as well. In his career, he’s written 11 national radio singles, 3 top 10 singles, 2 #1 singles, and 1 #3 single on the modern rock charts.
*He’s also worked with various organizations such as... Worldvision, Compassion International, United Way, St. Judes, Special Olympics, and others.
*He also has extensive experience in band management, booking, show-doctoring, and working with major record labels, etc...

***A Traditional Bio***

Zack Phillips is the drummer/percussionist, co-founder, co-songwriter for former chart-topping Alternative/Modern Rock band... "Strange Occurrence". Over the course of Zack's music career, he's written 11 national radio singles, 3 top 10 singles, and 2 number 1 singles all of which were on the Modern Rock charts. He's toured and performed nationally in front of audiences with 4 people, all the way to audiences of over 60,000+ people. Along with that success has come TV appearances, magazine articles/interviews, opportunities to work with entertainment legends such as Dick Clark, non-profit organizations such as Worldvision, and record labels. Zack's distinctive and thunderous playing style has been heard backing up numerous artists/bands such as... Strange Occurrence (Alt/Modern Rock), Late Tuesday (Female Folk, Country, Pop), Jordan Munoz (Singer-Songwriter/Rock), Static Radio (Alternative), Eric Odie (Children's Artist), Lovefish (Alt/Punk), When In Rome (Alternative), Kings Kids International (Gospel), The Green River Music Company (Broadway Show Tunes), and most recently with Davey T Hamilton Band (CountrySouthern Rock) as well as many many more. He's also recorded drum tracks for TV advertising campaigns by companies such as Target, Sonic Drive Inn, Dollar General, and more.

***Contact Info***

Email: Bigfelladrums@musician.org

***Zack Proudly Plays The Following***

Mapex MyDentity Custom Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Aquarian Drumheads, Ahead Drumsticks, Gibraltar Racks and Hardware.

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