SYmPHONIC NV: a harmony of sounds and the desire of harmony.

The recordings feature really great talented artists who play also in different projects.
Vocals : NV

Effects of Music

Music is a big part of our lives. We use it for special occasions and to set the mood in movies and television shows. Music can help us pass the time or connect us to our roots. Listening to music takes the whole brain, and has many positive and beneficial effects.
•Heals - Music can reduce chronic pain and improve depression. It does this by making the body release endorphins, slowing the breathing and heart rate, distracts the patient, and helps give the patient a feeling of control. It can strengthen the immune system and reduce blood pressure.
•Makes you smarter - Music can help you learn better in reading, math, and reasoning skills. It can also improve memory. Certain types of music stimulate both sides of the brain, thereby enhancing learning, concentration, and retention. Musical training improves memory even more than just listening.
•Improves physical performance - There is a reason why you see people running while listening to their iPod. Music decreases fatigue and improves motor reflexes. It can help people with movement disorders.
•Improve productivity - Certain kinds of music lessen fatigue. Music can increase productivity by making workers mentally sharper.
•Calms - Music can calm and relax. It reduces stress and negative emotions. It can also help you meditate.
•Improves moods - Music can lessen depression. Research is proving what many cultures have known; that music heals and has positive psychotherapeutic uses.

Here are some words that describe what music can do to you and for you:

soothe, excite, relax, stimulate, meditate, calm, enlighten, frighten, give a feeling of foreboding, help you re-focus, invigorate, rejuvenate, stir your imagination, make you happy, lift your mood, restore, cure, heal, empower, stir, incite, lift your spirits, make you more alert, exhilarate, and bring about practically any emotion.

In summary, music is a lot more than a soundtrack to our lives; it is an integral part of our lives. Can you imagine a movie without some music? Would there even be entertainment without music? If you want to be healthy and smart, then music is the key. What people have known since ancient times is now being proven by research. Music is good for the body and soul.

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Markus Thunder Haste - Bass, Russ Van HAMMER - Drums
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Indie / classic rock / progressive

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Toronto, ON, CA

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