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In the summer of 2012, Virginia Evans was playing a house concert in Nova Scotia when David Partridge said that he wanted to talk to her about her music. David was on tour with Postcard Comets and he was primed for a new project. Virginia, meanwhile, was in Canada and talking to David due to a proverbial kick in the pants from Canadian singer/songwriter Dolores Dagenais. Dolores had convinced Virginia to leave her living room audience of dogs and cats in Nashville and get back to playing for humans. David became the next step in this series of events, and Virginia was quickly committed to a new album.

That album is Waiting For The Angel and it is an international collaboration. It features an American lead vocalist, Canadians on harmony, and composers and instrumentalists in or from Scotland, Germany, the U.S. and Canada. Distance and time zones made Waiting For The Angel an interesting, daunting and sometimes challenging experience for all. But the end result was beyond what any one of these artists could have achieved alone. When music conceived by one songwriter arrived with a new treatment from a fellow musician, there were beautiful surprises. Melodies, rhythms, phrasing, instrumentals, harmonies– everything gained dimension. As these developments multiplied, Virginia decided that Waiting For The Angel had to be the album’s title track because it expressed the deep longing to become something more through conduits greater than ourselves.

“When you are making music,” Virginia comments, “you’re flying blind, even with trusted collaborators.” She continues, “Everyone is providing pieces of the puzzle, a brief glimpse of the final picture. And no one is sure what the final work will be like. But in this story, there came moments when I received a completed track and, unlike the blind men in the old proverb who only knew the closest part of the elephant, I could finally run my hands over the entire beast!”
Virginia Evans makes accessible, song-based, lyric-driven music sung in a clean, strong, knowing voice. Like the elephant in the proverb, we think you’ll find her album, Waiting For The Angel, to be a varied and magnificent animal.

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Virginia Evans and her Troubador Friends
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Virginia Evans
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Americana / Roots Music / Indie Pop

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Nashville, TN

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