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Composer, songwriter, poet, musician- Jason Wall of Wilmington NC is an aspiring gospel artist. My dream is to start a local music tutoring/ recording studio for children and seniors. thanks for listening, hopefully I will have more soon, was just up in the lab all night. Also if anyone has any lyrics or ideas for positive vibe music to uplift spirits, drop them by my email. By the way crimsonchord was originally scarlet cord in reference to Rahab from the book of Joshua. And is a tribute to the value of the Blood of Jesus, thank you Lord!!

Started playing trumpet at 12, then after an intermission played bass at 21 in church ,Then I progressed to the guitar and keys. From the end of High school after relinquishing an appointment to the United States Naval Academy, I worked odd and end jobs or attended school. Everything from ad inserter for a newspaper to stock clerk to library page and drugstore associate photo double etc. All the while battling with mental illness diagnosed across five axes according to the DSRM-V. When I wasn't in the funny barn, I was battling, many addictions and on and off psychotropic and neuroleptic drugs. In between scrapes I was writing lyrics, my pen bled on the page, notebook after notebook, journal after journal. My spiritual foundation was tried and I nearly fell off the map of the end of the earth. With the prescription drugs, chemicals and dreams mixing in my veins I still had the stamina to write and compose. The Lord gave me an auditory memory so I am able to remember the basic chord structure of hundreds of songs I have written years ago with no charts.
Much of my life has been experiencing paranormal experiences and abuses in wards, illegal operations which I try to wash out in my writing. I do my best to always have something encouraging to say and give others hope and a reason to keep trying and put their faith in Christ. I am not there yet but I have left. And I will be eternally grateful to all who encouraged me in my gift and talents and bowed their heads in prayer on my behalf. I love to read on prayer and listen to sermons and expand my world view in a positive direction. Even though I'm on disability, still suffer panic and anxiety attacks. I thank God in the midst of my struggle because the pain is birthing my destiny. CHeers for the single mom's holding it down, here's for the Dad's who learned from their mistakes and beat deadbeat status like instrumentals, here's for the depressed the lonely, the outcast. Here's for those who had dead religion crammed down they're throat all they're life and still have faith. Here's for the troops protecting our free crazy @%$$#$ and are glad to do it. Our veterans who laid they're lives on the line in the line of duty. The first responders, second responders, anyone who responds. I can say that it was like being mentally offline those years in darkness. But Jesus had mercy on me and for that I thank him. So in the words of the wonder years which we are still n by the way "What would you do If I sang out of tune................................ And this is a song that I have a concept for that is a hope for anyone trying to commit suicide. If any one can duplicate what it sounds like in my head on advanced keys I would definitely love to collaborate
What is there to live for
What is there to prove
Why should I even give more
Why should I even move

When energy is fading
In momentary time
Is someone waiting for me
Across the finish line

I hear my inside calling
A voice so deep inside
It says to keep on trying
Only one place to hide

They say that when you’re dying
You’ve just begun to be
And when you shut your iris
Then you begin to see

That here and now we live for
Here and now we are
That there no turning back for
What we one used to be

When time and space are crashing
Across the shores of soul
You quickly start to reach out
To grasp and take a hold

To something left to live for
What have you got to lose
There isn’t quite an encore
Today is yours to choose.

The presence of your Father
Who watches over you
Will soon fill you with laughter
His joy will see you through

So when you think you’re lonely
And you don’t have a home
He gave his one and only
So we could share the throne

Now that’s something to live for
Now that’s a happy end.
He’s proud to call us children
And loves to call us friend

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