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Cherisa Ali a.k.a Re-Re is a songwriter & singer with a versatile musical talent that ranges from Neo Soul, R&B and Hip Hop genre. She was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, with musical influences such as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston and Left Eye. Cherisa's musical journey started at an early age and was a superstar growing up winning every talent show and dance competition during her junior and high school years. After graduating from high school Cherisa joined a group called “Unity” and later a group called "Frontpage Hustlas". Cherisa later parted ways with both groups and began recording her first solo album entitled “Hello Haterz”. After the release of "Hello Haterz" Cherisa became a local icon and was featured on numerous mix tapes showcasing her singing and rapping skills. Cherisa later formed the group “DyNaMicCc Duo” where she was the lead singer, head songwriter, arranger, composer, and rapper. Soon the group
parted ways and Cherisa started recording her second solo album “No U-Turns”. She then moved to Rhode Island. As her second album "No U-Turns" hit the scenes Cherisa started exploring and pushing her musical talents to the limit. She started promoting in the Boston and New York City area. Editors from “Down Magazine” featured Cherisa as an up and coming new artist. After getting great feedback from the “No U-Turns” album Cherisa was motivated to start recording her third album entitled “Screaming Soul”. While recording her third album Cherisa was also pursuing a degree in Bachelors of Science in Business Administration where she graduated with honors. Still persistent in her musical career, Cherisa record her fourth album “Expect The Unexpected”. The album featured Houston, Texas best female artist Cl'che', platinum recording artist Lil Flip and New York’s finest KIN 4 Life. Her fourth album was an instant success expanding
Cherisa's fan base and musical connection from all over. This album was dedicated to her late grandmother “Tyretha Myers” and late dad “Jerry Lee Griffin”. Now residing in Jacksonville, Florida Cherisa will be releasing her hottest album ever recorded entitled “#Let’sRock” in the summer of 2013. The album first video “I’m Back” was released online reaching over 86,200 views on YouTube. She was also ranked as #1 in Jacksonville, FL by Reverbnation within one week. Cherisa plans on dropping her second single and video entitled “Coming With It” soon.

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Cherisa Ali (Official Page)
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Jacksonville, FL

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