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On the 16th of July 2008, Aidan Parle made the move from Leixlip town in Ireland's county Kildare, to London city with one thing in mind; to form a band and play music. On that first night, coincidentally it was Rob Hennebry who put Parle up for the night above a pub he worked in. Hennebry had incidentally made the trip to London 2 years previously and had ended up a barman in Kennington, South London.

Parle and Hennebry parted ways soon after; the former ending up in North London whilst the latter hung around the traditional Irish music scene in the gruff cut pubs of South East London.

It was by chance and a move of house that Parle met a wonderful musician by the name of Charlie Grant. Charlie was a seasoned professional who had taken to licensed song writing, and so Parle picked his brain for advice like snot. Much advice was at hand, the pair started to work on songs and eventually Grant introduced Parle to a certain Mr. Dave Hattee. Dave has played worldwide and has toured with some top acts; a highly proficient drummer with a cool head.

In stark contrast to Parle’s previous musical haunts in pubs where men would let wild bulls run loose in anger; this burly public house in Balham was quite the treat. It was in The Bedford in Balham that Parle watched Grant and Hattee let loose on stage supporting a fellow musician, and the scene was set for the three of them to record Carnival Red’s debut EP; tentatively titled ‘Carnival Red’.

Having sought out and tried a number of bassists, a freak reunion took place where Hennebry phoned Parle; excited to know what he had been up to all these years. Hennebry had fled the country to China whilst Parle remained in London, plugging away at gigs with his new E.P. Through conversation it became apparent that Hennebry had spent the past 8 years playing bass unbeknownst to Parle.

The rest is history. Carnival Red continue to do studio work with session players such as Charlie Grant, Kester Hynds and Steely Dan Monte; all of whom also play live from time to time.

Ladies and gentlemen we bring you Aidan Parle, Rob Hennebry and Dave Hattee. We bring you ‘Carnival Red’.

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Aidan Parle, Robert Hennebry, Dave Hattee
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Carnival Red
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Alternative / Alt Folk

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London, UK

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