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Stephen and Zooey is the solo-music project.

Borrowing the theme for its name from JD Salinger, Stephen & Zooey shows the split personality of a man who wrestles with conflicting emotions - often, using lyrics as the vehicle to explore whether a feeling is truly present or not. Do you know how you sometimes feel something that you're not sure is real? Just ask Stephen - an expert in the field of reverse paranoia, suspecting those around him to be plotting his happiness at all times. Stephen finds Zooey deeply rooted within, unable to surface unless provoked. And once provoked, Zooey takes the pen and scribbles - "writes" just didn't seem frantic enough - down each word of locomotion until all has been revealed. Some songs deal with the pain of self discovery - discovering two selves is incommunicably harder than discovering one - while others deal with the overflowing happiness of love for another, sometimes at a far distance both physically and emotionally. You never know what you're going to get from Zooey - that crazy egocentric monk - but you can bet your life it'll be something raw and terrible, ripping apart his own soul to show you the blood and oil on the inside. Relate to it or don't, but open your ears to a 360 degree soundscape that deviates from the compressed "DJ music" of the modern world and envelopes you in the authentic domain of a neurotic explorer, in love and out of love all at once. Zooey loves you and doesn't, depending on the day.

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Stephen Finn / Zooey Noir
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Stephen & Zooey
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Singer Songwriter / Acoustic / Indie Rock

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San Diego, CA
Stephen Finn

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