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Morgan LaFave was born on February 17th, 1994. At the age of 5, her original dream was to be a figure skater. She put that into practice, and at the age of 7, won her first competition. Throughout the years, she skated seven days a week, making it to high levels of skill and technique. Skating was her everyday and began to be the one thing she could rely on, helping to escape when things were stressful. It was her muse.
When she was 14, she became very ill and began struggling with daily physical pain, making it nearly impossible to train. It eventually got to the point that doctors were consulted and finally, a year later, she was diagnosed with Systemic Enthesopathy. Several months later, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, and HLAB27+ were all added to the list resulting in the end of her skating career. Throughout this struggle, Morgan found a new outlet in music and began playing the guitar.
In time, she took singing lessons and wrote her first song, “Lonely”, about what she was going through and how she felt at the time. When she was 16, she performed at her first concert and recorded her first EP, after which she fell in love with performing and creating music. At 18, she graduated from Gettysburg Area High School in Pennsylvania and moved to Nashville, Tennessee in hopes of a greater opportunity to pursue her new career and passion. She currently resides in the Music City and is continuing to work every day at doing what she loves.

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