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BloomTwins are about to consolidate the awed reputation they have been building on the gig circuit through their strikingly charismatic performances by unleashing their hauntingly distinctive version of Kish Mauve‘s ‘Fahrenheit‘.

Growing up in a small Ukrainian town outside Kiev, this  remarkably gifted pair were immersed in music before escaping its confines, fiercely determined to head into the outside world and make an impression. They started by showing a natural flair for the camera through modelling, within six months appearing in Tank, iD and Schon and Italian Vogue. But their hearts were still set on exploring and creating their own unique musical sound, hitting the UK’s capital, where they’ve now been settled long enough to consider themselves ‘Londoners’.
In many ways, undertaking this tortuous journey at such a young age - they are still only 17 - has imbued them with a steely drive behind the gossamer intimacy of the music. Having already mastered keyboards, flute and harmonica, they are trying to master as many other instruments as they can, including drums to go with the electronic beats.

Although writing their own songs, BloomTwins have used Jim Eliot and Jamima Stilwell’s ‘Fahrenheit’ as a launch-pad, draping it with their ethereal vocal harmonies against a simple piano accompaniment. As they describe it, “something that is distant, sensual yet soft”. Reinterpreting ’Fahrenheit’ in such intimate fashion has fed into the songs that have been pouring out since the sessions; an eerie new strain of emotionally-bared soul with underlying currents of playful experimentation.

BloomTwins have already left a trail of mesmerised audiences in their wake at gigs they’ve played so far, including a speechless [for a change] Axl Rose, who visited them backstage afterwards.
This is just the start for these two girls with an excitingly different sound evolving as rapidly as the mystery which seems to surround them. The world could well be at their feet.

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