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Esther LaVonne knew what she was put here to do before most learn to tie their shoes. In today's musical climate of fast beats, formulaic riffs, and whim driven lyrics Esther's songs make it obvious that her visceral experience and poignant world view is one we can all relate to! She keeps people guessing as she moves around the stage performing everything from churchy soul theatrics with her baby grand piano to choreographed crunk pop. After two years of cultivating her dream of a crazy rotten male musician band mixed with a sassy performer she has decided to go solo. She cares about bettering our world, having a blast in life, and most importantly she has something to say. She will create music you can dance to, love to, and live to but she will also release music that will speak to you. She is audacious, loving, caring, intelligent, curvacious, confident and most of all, real. She will always say what is on her mind. She hopes you like what she's about to do. After all, she believes that this would be for nothing if it were not for each of you.

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Drums, Mics, Pianos, Vocals, anything in sight-Esther LaVonne
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Esther LaVonne
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Pop / Soul / Attitude

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Austin, TX

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