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Simmering in the deepest depths of Denver’s underground, an indie alchemy of honest music and somewhat-honest theatrics waits to be discovered. Patiently we prepare for the day when we will face in rhetorical combat the peddlers of bullshit and the manufacturers of soulless mainstream music.

Near the end of 2009, at a small college deep in the frozen cornfeilds of Eastern Iowa, Orpheo & the Wrench was born in a brilliant flash of collaboration that alarmed scientists three counties away and left a distinct smell of weed smoke in the air.

After graduation, we returned to our Colorado homeland and established ourselves on the Boulder open-mic circuit. Combining a little bit of cash with our experience on those fifteen-minute trials-by-fire, we cut our debut EP, You Don’t Know You How Me Proud I Am, at Coupe Studios. After its release, we relocated down to Denver and have been working venues like Strange Grounds, The Meadowlark, and Backstage Coffee to reach as many ears as possible and gain a foothold in the underground Denver music scene.

Today, Orpheo & the Wrench have set up a base of operations in Edgewater. From that quiet neighborhood, we continue to expand our musical skill and hone our revolutionary rhetoric, all the while tirelessly developing our stage show.

Seeking to draw together the arts of music and theatre, we give the audience an exhilirating ride as we alternate gut-punching original songs with mind-blowing ideas, catching it all at the end on a soft, downy pillow of laughter. We invite you, dear reader, to join us as we re-discover and celebrate art, revolution, love, and life once again!

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Steve Erwin- Guitars/Vox/Keys, Carter Baird- Violin/Vox/Percussion
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Orpheo & the Wrench
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Indie / Rock / Folk

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Denver, CO

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