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BillyBeat, a recent graduate of Miskatonic University and well versed in the readings of the Necronomicon as well as a devotee of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, has been hard at work with his new band, Hellburner Cult. BillyBeat thrashes out his drum licks on a classic Roger’s 7 piece (circa 1979) with augmenting Dragon (not Dagon) drums (circa 1970s drum company out of Denver and now defunct). BillyBeat recently played with The Pretty Sure until, heeding the call of Cthulhu , he joined Hellburner Cult. Howard Phillips often called BillyBeat the haunter in the dark, “truly the Outsider”. Indeed, in his past incantations, playing with such bands as the Violators, the Corvairs, the Defex, and The Desert of the Unreal makes him now known as the Terrible Old Man, at least according to HPL. His insanity on stage must be witnessed firsthand in order to truly understand what he tries to convey to his followers, just as those degenerate and inbred webbed things inhabiting Dunwich, Massachusetts did way back when…………listen, and believe!

Johnny Noble, guitarist and vocalist, one half of Hellburner Cult's binary lead system and one quarter of the magic circle of the Old Ones, evoked the voodoo blues-metal band, Creeper, in Ohio and then was summoned to Denver and performed in Deep Cover for a spell. He is also a member of Great Underappreciated Intellects Toward A Radical Group Of Demigods, Dunwich Chapter. When cult duties allow, Johnny seeks transendence and enlightenment on the path of electronics technology. In addition, he is a novice washer of brains, is compiling the table of contents for Necronomicon Vol. II, and can frequently be heard spouting the shibbolith "Rock on, dude!!!"

Izzy Kalinchuk, born on the black seas of infinity...the dark one rose. The blood, a sticky crimson glaze, covered him thoughout. Glistening in the moonlight, he stands taking in his first breath. Clenching his fists to his sides, the beast lets out a hallowed scream. His hunger for revenge (and Sweet Tarts) simply cannot be quenched. His bitter disdain for hippies, hipsters, and garden gnomes unsullied. His hate seed planted firmly in his mind...matched only by his love for bearded female dwarf amputee porn. Raised by gypsies, carnies, and rodeo clowns, he sought knowledge and power...and it would come. Tortured by sanctimonious patchouli soaked savages and forced to listen to endless hours of out of tune noodling. Hippies living on the placid island of ignorance...rambling hypocritically pious ideals ...witnessing and experiencing the horrors of working in a hacky sack sweatshop...he swore revenge! Honing his skills on a multitude of axes in bands such as Mother Kali, Texas Slay Ride, and Lenny Peterbuilt & the Diesel Dykes. It was in the small hours of night when he heard the call...Cthuhlu beckons. An arsenal of weapons at his disposal, he unites with the brotherhood known as the Hellburner Cult.

Pat Redman, bassiste pathetique for Hellburner Cult, formerly played with late, lamented Denver bands The Pretty Sure and Desert of the Unreal, as well as discharging bottom-end duties with Reanimator out of Arkham, Massachusetts, and Dagon Rises in nearby Innsmouth. Besides performing in ear-bleeding ensembles, Pat also creates a lot of art, disturbing and otherwise. He's worked as a scientific illustrator, as a field instructor on dinosaur digs in Wyoming (look up Eobrontosaurus), taught perhaps a zillion classes on various aspects of art, and has successfully forced over a dozen people to chew off their own arms in futile attempts to escape his puerile comments and bromidic explanations.

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Izzy Kalinchuk, BillyBeat, Patrick Redman, and Johnny Noble
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Hellburner Cult
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Rock / Psychedelic Grunge

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Aurora, CO