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Rocking our drummer’s bedroom, setting up local and regional gigs, trying to get into contests, festivals, local radio, events and figuring out how to record on a mac laptop and sound as good as WE think it sounds.

Who are we?
We are dads, and we really like being dads. We want to rock some faces off, make a little money so we can buy more instruments and equipment, but mostly rock some faces off. If our families have the impression that we are super-awesome, then the rest of the population should be cake.

Our lively mostly 90s inspired Epic Alt Rock have us switching instruments between arrestingly intoxicating songs, all the while presenting intimately engaging lyrics and intriguing grooves.

Justin Rusch - Mainly drums and lead vocals, but also guitar and piano...Oh, and he’s seriously pissed off. His wife recently wiped her ass with his heart. He may not sing like Bono, but he’s pretty much a superhero. Humble, intense and a kick ass drummer. He’s the mastermind behind song lyrics and melodies, with influences like Deliriou5, Coldplay and Lifehouse.

Jorge Goyco - Mainly guitars, but also vocals, bass, iPad and accordion and is most likely to bring dishonor to his family by dry-humping a speaker on stage. He’s a bit messy, but is a worthy sidekick with superhero potential. Risk-taker, creative and a
solid player. He brings the “Out-of-the-box” quality to the group, with influences ranging from Radiohead, Iron Maiden and Dubstep.

Jon Hartshorn - Mainly bass, but also banjo and iPad...And he might be an evil genius. Truth is, we don’t know what he does with his “free time”. We’re pretty sure he’s a super-villain of some sort. (Who else could sport a goatee of that magnitude
and also be a banjoist). Straightforward, focused and a wall of freakin’ awesome. He brings a steady bottom end to the group, with influences like Tom Waits, Mogwai and Joy Formidable.

Bear’s Yearning emerged in September 2012 out of a cathartic need to jam out some frustrations (creating loud music is surprisingly effective). Each member has served time in various rock bands, electronic music groups or even church bands.

What does a bear yearn for?
Find out on our website http://bearsyearning.wordpress.com .. along with videos and
sounds as we get them.
Thanks for reading.

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