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Maddie Squires has been expressing herself through music basically since she was born.
“I remember being 5 or so, a little tiny kid, and having these songs in my head, my own songs, and I would pretend to be a pop star performing them. I didn’t think it was weird. I thought everybody did that.”
She disliked her school music classes as a kid but was no less drawn to music. “Guess I kind of took things in my own hands – I taught myself to play piano and then wanted to learn to play guitar because I was into rock music.” After 6 years of guitar lessons and a maturing approach to songwriting, Maddie is in the process of putting the finishing touches on her first full album, completely written, recorded and produced by Maddie.
“I try always to portray myself through my music, and I’m a bit complicated musically because I like a lot of different genres. I am influenced by rock, pop, electronic, disco, blues and independent. If I had to classify it, I guess would call it electronic rock.”
She is a one-person band at this point, but seeking a few more creative musicians to join her.
Her future goals are to keep making music, and produce and write songs for other musicians.
“I really enjoy the songwriting process. I usually have something in mind I want to write about and it comes to me in a lyrical form. I don’t ever think ‘I want to make this song edgey or this song soft.’ I just let my emotions guide me.
I want to keep getting better at everything I do, and to get out there and perform more. But even more than that I want to stay creative.”

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