how to qualify our music? Alternative, indie, suggestively psichelic, just rock ...
We would like to know it!
What we know for sure is to measure the desire to show that we are present, the need to unleash the creativity ... we love to work on our ideas and the process of creation of the songs is a job that excites us and gives us a strong 'positive energy ...
We are everything and nothing ... just "sonic blood", that is the common factor of the elements of the band; each one introduces its "ingredients", derived from different musical tastes and experiences ... the mission is to try to make it appealing our infused rock ... Jumping between texts in italics and English ...

Verdena, TARMs, Jane's Addiction, QOTSA, Cristina Dona, Led Zeppelin, Primus, Dojo Cuts, Baker Brothers, J.Hendrix, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Supergrass, Jeff Buckley, Yes, King Crimson, Cranberries are truly represented all kinds of music between the tastes of members of the band.
By spring 2013 the first live: hangar 22, Brillo Parlante, Circolo Al Don, Spaziomusica, Motoraduno Bikers Volpedo ... so the release of the demo, self-produced, practically in partial direct... to arrive at the overall musical space!!

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Dona = voce, Nic = chitarra, Suel = basso, Ste = tastiere, Scafo= batteria
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Alternative / rock / indie

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Tortona, IT