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I come from a musical family where we all study and learn music, and early on, I developed a love for ethnomusicology, as well as the music from the avant-garde, the progressive, the hip, the groovy, and beautiful, and the deep. Woody Williams, the Funky Geezer, was an early teacher and mentor, being largely responsible for my being about to improvise and compose, rather than just read music. Check him out. He's the real deal.
While studying at Harvard, I met with other composers, like Phillip Glass, Steve Reich, Morton Subotnick, Luciano Berio, Virgil and Randall Thompson, Alberto Ginestera, Leonard Bernstein, as well as other mentors like Timothy Leary, Buckminster Fuller, Joseph Campbell, Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Ram Dass, Chogyam Trungpa, and others who were and are sources of ideas and inspiration. From them I learned that the palates from which music may be derived are varied and wondrous indeed. I have a particular fondness for exotic modes, scales, rhythms and timbres.
These are not highly polished pieces of music. Au contraire. They are very raw, and most are created on the fly, ex tempore, and most with one take.
My hope is that others will use, play, and develop on the ideas, asking only that I be notified, and be given credit. Should anything wind up making money, a fair percentage would be most appreciated.
You can also feed my Paypal account which is baruchthescribe @ yahoo.com. You can find a donation link here: http://www.mrwondrous.blogspot.com

Enjoy...and feel free to comment!

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David Beckwith
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Charlotte, NC
David Beckwith

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