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in Addis Abbaba Ethiopia. Guti Razor Family Founder. aka Vincenzo
Corleone, The Dry Stone Architect, Rap Fanatic. The dopest emcee uve
ever heard/slang author. Rappers are my sons.

Razor Family is a brand. You'll hear me, Guti on all of it but I cant
take credit for it all, what you hear is the product years of working
with people from all over (ZW.UK), shout out emcee Parradox & Vacant
Beats, D9, Forbidden Tongues. The idea was for me to work with artists
from everywhere singers, producers, emcees, musicians and no matter
their affiliation when its one of my projects its RF

but Guti is the mastermind, the Architect

Origins of the name
Started rapping fresh from the womb, Razor Family is actually Raise a
Family, as a litey poetry was a way to express how I felt about growin
up without mother and father in the same house, the nuclear family. Its
RAZOR coz this is hip hop n ya'll dont wna hear about that shyt

noones fucking with me bra, where my crown at?????

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