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Monarchs Of Musical Obsessions are a wildly ambitious, highly creative, talented team of producers, Dj's and writers who live to create the next big hit that will set the world on fire. We don't cater to one genre of music, believing that beautiful orchestration comes in multiple formats. This allows us to collaborate with different types of artist, all in the hopes of achieving a distinctive feel and vibe with every song completed. The direction and goals established in our production helps us to expand our vision of ingenuity, bringing forth a new and fresh sound to the listener.

Our team of professionals have over 20 years of experience in the music industry and have benefited greatly while being afforded the opportunity to work with a wide range of talented artist from indies and major labels. We have established credentials that validate our presence and it is our drive and our passion which motivates us to be among the best!!!

Our inspiration comes from the young and old, the past and present, acknowledging the artist and producers who have helped teach and mold us through their own music. We pay attention to the details and we respect the artistry of sound recordings. This is not a hobby for us, this is a love and a passion that is accompanied by a single goal ... to make beautiful music.

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Monarchs Of Musical Obsessions
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Washington, DC