When the world was young and naught but a dark twisting mass of elemental forces, a formless beast of sound roamed freely over the turmoil. As time wore on, man emerged from the chaos and sought mastery over his domain. He learned of the beast, grew to fear it and eventually drove it far from this world. Over the centuries, mystics and soothsayers forbade their thralls from the malevolent twisting of sound so as to perpetuate the beast’s exile.

Yet as dusk drew on still summer evening, we four sonic mages sought to channel the sorcery of our elders and resurrect life from the flames of the past. Spells were weaved, incantations chanted, the noise rose up and reached out past the confines of this blue-green sphere out into the cosmos. Drawing deep within the dour whirlwind of a black hole, the enchantment returned something both magnificent and dreadful at once – the ancient imprisoned one was released.

The formless entity returned to its home and arrived upon us without warning. It encircled and infiltrated us, directing then seizing the spell and melding it into a being of its own. From that moment, we four became five as the beast emerges each time we gather. We struggle between controlling it and being controlled by it – dancing along the line between symphony and cacophony.

We now seek to share the splendor and revulsion of what we have unleashed. Beseeching all to receive it as we have done and simply embrace the haze…

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Mark Thorstenberg - Vocals, Doug Cole - Guitar, Glenn Hall - Bass, Kevin Keeton - Drums
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Kansas City, MO