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As many modern jambands have gravitated toward the electronica with heavy synthesis and quantized rhythms resulting in a danceable—albeit cold—sound, dadARM chooses to buck this trend with a more traditional, yet forward thinking, guitar driven approach. The result is a dual lead guitar attack led by Nick Dzuban and Dom Riggenowski over the thumping basslines provided by John Patrick Corliss with Andy P holding down the fort with his tight, small-kit approach to the drums. But more than a simple noodle factory, dadARM’s tendency to get outside never lacks a destination, going from point A to point B rather than traipsing round the circle on well trodden ground. Adding substance to the substrate are the playful yet poignant lyrics of Corliss and Riggi’s shared songwriting duties, which showcase the dichotomy of each of their unique and idiosyncratic insights on the human condition in the twenty-first century. Whether in an intimate club setting or outdoors on the festival circuit, dadARM is sure to entertain. See your local recruiting agent and join the dadARMY today!

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Dom Riggenowski - Guitar, Vocals; Nick Dzuban - Guitar, Vocals; John Patrick Corliss - Bass, Vocals; Andy P - Drums
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Jam / Rock / Funk

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Athens, OH