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Behind the drink:Fish House Punch (from liquor.com)
We’ve all heard of people seceding because of a desire for liberty, a deep political grievance or out of a sense of ethnic solidarity. Understandable, if sometimes wrongheaded or unwise. But what about seceding just for fun?
That’s what happened on May 1, 1732, when a bunch of prosperous Quakers from Philadelphia, the chief settlement of the Pennsylvania Colony, leased a little property from the Lenni-Lenape tribe. There, on the banks of the Schuylkill River a few miles upstream from the city, they built a clubhouse—a castle, they called it—and promptly declared themselves the Colony in Schuylkill, an independent entity with its own governor, lieutenant governor, councilmen, coroner and sheriff.
The purpose of all this political business? Fishing. Well, that and barbecuing. And, of course, drinking. In the 18th century, it was customary for a gentlemen’s social organization of this character to carouse a fair bit. The fuel for this carousing was invariably a large bowl of punch. Every club had its own version, most of which have been lost to history. But not the recipe the State in Schuylkill always served at its “Fish House,” as the castle was informally named
There’s a reason for this longevity: Fish House Punch is one of the most pleasant inebriants known to science. Definitely worth seceding over

An excerpt from The Philadelphia Times.
May 24, 1896, Page 8,
Fishhouse punch first brought trouble into this world through the medium of the oldest social organization, speaking the English language, and which still has its habitation in this city. This is the famous "State in Schuylkill." It is only, however, within the hospitable walls of that famous organization that this most seductive beverage is to-day made as it was 164 years ago.

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Svenn Bilsten - Guitar; Ryan Claypool - Bass; Tyrel Frazier - Percussion, Harmonica; Bryan Lidget - Guitar/Vocals
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Fish House Punch
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Americana / Alternative / Blues

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Council Bluffs, IA

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