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Mike Garza, 19, from fresno, CA. I started making music around Aug. 4th, 2006. Used this program called FL Studio (Demo Version) for about 1 year, got the 8th Version of Producers Edition later and ran with it for 4 years and moved onto Garageband for close to a year and a half and then moved onto Logic Pro. Although no one will hear most of the FL Studio projects I made due to computer crashes and lack of backing up my memory for the computers, people will get to hear how far I came from making basic beats with just bass kicks and drums to actually applying instrumentation and much more. 2012 was the year that I made everything serious about music and turning it into a career, now that we are in 2013 you'll see that I have a whole lot more in store for not only myself but for my fans and clients. I was first found on SoundCloud (where I upload all of my sampled beats now), but now you can find me on SoundClick. I started my SoundClick around November 2012, so I barely have any beats uploaded right now. As for me working on my music, I'm never on some fast food ish, I take my time and make sure that you (the clients) will have a hit on your hands, it'll have to depend on you to make the track a hit. My music does range from the 90's era of hip hop but you'll notice the little twist I have that gives my music that "sound" as well with my R&B tracks. Anyways, enjoy the page and music and if you are a fan of my music, make sure to get a #GarzaBeatsWristband @ garzabeats.bigcartel.com

Thank you - Mike Garza a.k.a. GarzaBeats

A side note that I'll give to my clients is stick with my beats and the sound I'll have for you will become much more diverse in the long run, meaning that I'll find out which beats of mine will sound great with you and I'll recommend beats here and there for you from my catalog.

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GarzaBeats (Producer)
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Fresno, CA

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