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When I was starting grade school, the doctor told my mother I had to build up my body and my lungs, that I needed to eat and maybe play a music instrument, all to gain strength. So she got me a violin??? I took lessons. In the school orchestra, I was the only left-handed violin player. Unfortunately, the girl sitting next to me, told the teacher I kept hitting her with my bow, thus ending my violin days. I next got a Kent electric guitar, which I still have and restrung it for a lefty. Gee it must be at least 50 years old. I then got interested in the organ when my sister bought me a birthday gift - a Sears upright single keyboard with foot peddles. I immediately restrung the foot peddles for the left. Perhaps I was left-footed also. I started to tackle the keyboard, reversing the wiring of the keys from right to left when my sister walked in. I never got another present from her again. I had a C-melody sax and other instruments made for right handed people but could never master any of them, but I did get a real left-handed guitar and bass which I love. As the years flew by, I found the computer, with all it's many music software programs a facinating and sure enough progression for my thoughts. So this is me and now you know. I don't ever want to stop creating. It's been in me all my life. I just hope it's good for you. - H. Philip Kutakoff

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H. Philip Kutakoff
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Hendad Music
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Livingston, NJ

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