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Thadeus Project, an award winning band out of Chicago, consist of Ted Putbress, Glenn Folwarski, Chuck Nilson and Jeff Schullo. Buddies since high school, Ted and Glenn have played off and on together for years. But the old saying “life gets in the way” happened to Ted and Glenn as marriage, family and careers outside the music industry took away from making music. Guitars were put down, dreams set aside, life went on.

2000 was a turning point. While on vacation in Mexico, Ted picked up a guitar and started strumming. It all came back to him--- the hopes, the dreams and most of all, the music.

Not long after returning home, Ted was introduced to the latest music technologies and was immediately blown away by the innovations in musical design. The possibilities exploded in his mind and were endless. The passion was back, and now the money was there with a business background to back it up. The concept was born: a band with a sound and purpose rooted in the 70's but with today's technologies transforming and recreating it in a fresh way. Re-enter Glenn. Jazzed by all Ted envisioned, Glenn couldn't sleep for weeks. Neither one has slept much since.
"Life is like music," states Ted. "It goes through a lot of different changes over time, but some things never change. The love of music is forever and we are glad to be on that train again."
The CD Danger & Bliss was recorded and released, as members were added to the band. In 2004, Just A Taste, a four song EP that highlighted the new combo, as well as an intimate acoustic version of "Once Upon a Time" from the Danger & Bliss CD. As Just a Taste was hitting the record racks, "Windows" from Danger & Bliss hit #27 on the Indie AC Charts.
Back into the studio went Thadeus Project and the result was a CD titled Simple Wisdom. Mastered by Grammy award winning engineer Bob Katz (author of the highly regarded book/bible of mastering Mastering Audio: The Art and the Science), the first single, "Picture Book," went to #14 on the Indie AC charts, receiving tremendous airplay across the country. "Rivertown" was the second release and moved faster across the airwaves and up the charts than "Picture Book."
Simple Wisdom also brought a shuffling of the Thadeus Project line-up and playing small shows in Chicago. But as always, their heart was in the studio, working on their fourth Thadeus Project release, Keeper of Dreams.
In late summer of 2011 Ted visited Greece with Garsot, who did artwork for the band's albums and site. Ted was so inspired living among the people of Greece and Garsot's friends and family, he formulated the concept for a new album. Garsot joined forces with the group in a new capacity as a musician which drove Ted and Glenn to new vistas creatively. The result is Circuits, a studio album which explores European styles with the band's signature artistic take.
Sweet Dreams was released in 2013, acoustic tracks from previous releases remastered in a new compilation of songs.
They currently have a fan base on a National and International level throughout the World due to a total of 7 Cd's and three singles released to date.
Today, Thadeus Project is a thriving musical entity. Living, recording and performing in the Chicago area, the group can't create fast enough. Spurring on and inspiring each other, they draw from their rich and varied musical roots as they move forward and evolve. Thadeus Project is a creative powerhouse with a progressive sound fresh to the art-rock scene.
Named six times as the Independent Music Network’s Favorite Band of the Year, Thadeus Project decided to help other artists in the Chicago area go for their dreams, too. Nightsphere, founded by Ted Putbress and Tminus10 Partners, Inc., was created to nurture and showcase local talent. Through Nightsphear, Thadeus Project has successfully cultivated a new crop of local artists in the hopes of enriching the Chicago music scene and giving them a step up the musical ladder.The concerts and various performances have been a success in the first year of operation and more are being planned.

In the meantime, Thadeus Project prepares for a Fall release of their new CD, Full Circle, with a Spring release of the CD’s lead single, “Hold On.” Stay tuned. The two boyhood friends ,Ted Putbress and Glenn Folwarski from Chicago,who are the nucleus of Thadeus Project, have a lot more music to share with the world.

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Thadeus Project
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Chicago, IL
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