it wasnt till i moved back with my moms that i started surrounding myself with hip-hop music... my friends from elementary were deep into hip-hop...but more ignorant shit than anything...but i found the art in all of it..and thats when i started to consume as much hip-hop as i could gather...after branching out and finding music with emotion and passion...i felt very strongly towards making my own by i was never able to slow my thoughts down enough for me to write as i went so i never picked up writing rhymes till bout 2010.. i would always freestyle with the homies and i did well enough in school to retain information so when id freestyle with my boys id come with some hard ass shit...but wasnt able to remember any of it, it made me try harder to slow my thoughts down to remember them...but im also looking to doing shows as well...so if you need to fill a set ...or have a show that needs a opener....feel free to contact me! but over all else stay positive and hungry

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Salt Lake City, UT