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Ever since it’s inception, Sanity’s Rage has set forth to put thrash back on the map.

Not just as a rehash, but to pick up the classical style and give it a modern and technical twist.
Nowhere is this more apparent than on You Are What You Swallow, their debut full album.
A blend of modern, varied thrash with a clear message: no compromise.

“‘You Are What You Swallow’ is an absolute powerful thrash grenade and the album has everything a great thrasher
needs; great riffs, a healthy dose of aggression and great wrought-up vocals” - lordsofmetal.nl

Recorded at Red Left Hand Studios (Aborted, Bliksem, …) and mastered at Stage One Studios (Holy Moses,
Legion Of The Damned, Vader, …), the debut album is highly appreciated in the underground.

Death Metal (Belgium) 97/100
Power Metal (Germany) 8,5/10
Elitist Metalhead (USA) 8,5/10
Lords of Metal (Netherlands) 8,5/10
Whiplash (Brazil) 8/10
Zware Metalen (Netherlands) 80/100

Several tracks appear on worldwide compilation CD’s.

Perseverance 2013 (Malevolence Records)
Doorway To The Unknown (True Metal Nation)
Wreck Your Neck 2 (Global Thrash Assault)
Headbangers Balls compilation 2014 (Headbangers Balls)

The story didn’t start there, however. It takes off in August 2006 with the birth of The Rage of One, an album which introduced the metal underground to the name Sanity’s Rage. The international Metal Community was
immediately convinced of the strong potential of old-school thrash aggression mixed with technical/melodic influences, and the band make several international distribution deals through Rock It Up Records.

Aardschok (Netherlands) 8,7/10
Hellspawn (Belgium) 88/100
Metalbullet (Spain) 85/100
Rock Tribune (Belgium) 81/100
The Metal Crypt (United States) 87/100

After playing at the frontline of the new wave of thrash metal with numerous friendly Belgian thrash bands, Sanity’s Rage got the opportunity to slowly take it to a higher level. In between local performances with fellow thrashers, they already got to test their metal with bands such as After All, Trenchfoot, Spoil Engine, M-busch, Chainsaw, Drifter and Sacred Oath. With several highlights in their
ventures such as being part of the support for Lääz Rockit & Destructor gig for Alcatraz Concerts in Belgium and the Gama Bomb & Bonded by Blood gig for MDD at the Thrash Assault 3 Warm-up show in Germany.

Before having to part with both the bass and the guitar player at almost the same time, Sanity’s Rage set a new standard for their performance playing alongside Saxon, Testament, Hyades, Helstar, Holy Moses, Agent Steel, Onslaught and many other international acts.
After the departure of the drummer, Sanity’s Rage hit the Red Left Hand Studio (Aborted, Bliksem,…) with a session drummer from The End Of All Reason and release You Are What You Swallow.
After doing the rounds for the release shows, Sanity’s Rage engage a new drummer to continue live shows and
write the follow up to their first full CD.
Promotional touring in Belgium and The Netherlands puts them on stage with international acts such as Huntress, James Rivera, Savage Messiah and Rezet, proving the band is ready, once again, to rage the stages
and the metal underground worldwide.

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Kenny Molly - Vocals, Jesse Van den Bossche - Guitar
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Sanity's Rage
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Metal / Thrash Metal

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Bè, BE