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It is my finding that some of the best things start unintentionally.
This project started because over the years of playing in bands I started gathering a pile of "rejected" music. I have taken the role of songwriter in most of my former projects and you can't expect your bandmates to love everything you do, can you? Maybe it doesn't fit the image, maybe no one else can relate to the lyrics, or maybe it's just a bad song.. there is that. So, for whatever reason they were rejected, they were then put into a group of songs in my computer, or my phone, or my head, wherever I stored them until I found some way to make them loud.
One day I had a brilliant idea: I was going to start a "side-project!" I was going to make awesome-weird electronic music that would draw a smaller awesome-crowd than my band but would still contribute to the overall awesomeness. It slowly grew for a year until my band broke up... as bands do.
The name Herosaynothing was an accident as well. I was listening to some recordings of my OLD band getting drunk and discussing band names.. I thought I heard my drummer say "Hero say nothing..." I thought it was brilliant!! after listening back with a friend it was pointed out to me that he said "Here: say nothing... I still credit him with the inspiration.
Now I write pop/electronic music with my cornucopia of odd influences including (but not limited to): Phil Collins, John Williams, Hayley Williams, Disney, Starship, Shania Twain, The Police, The Backstreet Boys, AFI, U2, ABBA, P90X, BMW... I could go on. Just remember that I am not entirely responsible for the music that comes out. "Dancing Queen" is stuck in my head about 3 times a week and I listen to Disney Movie Soundtracks while I jog.. we gotta do what we gotta do.
Thank you for listening.

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Gabriel Kitzman
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Denver, CO

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