Andy Narsingh Bassplayer/Vocalist (Dave Barrett Trio) (Juggernaut Band) / Bio

Bass Guitar/Vocals - Andy Narsingh played is father acoustic guitar for a couple of years. Then at age 16 a friends dad let him use a Fender Precision bass guitar to jam to Rush’s “Spirit Of Radio”. The rest is history! Andy’s Funk-Rock style of playing is no surprise considering some of his influences are Geddy Lee, Stu Hamm, and Billy Sheehan.

Andy has been the Bassist/keyboardist and lead vocalist for the all original 3 piece Progressive Rock band “ARSIN”(within Canada) and in Europe “Heavens fire”, This band has released 1 EP and 1 CD, The day the disk was released in Japan/Europe the band were paying their last respects to their long time friend and drummer who passed away in a house fire 5 days before . The band never reformed all tour dates were cancelled.

After this Andy took a break from playing and went to film school and got involved with film production and sound tracks. As time went on, Andy started getting back into playing live again and recording and has not stopped since!!

Various Associated Acts- Loa House,ARSIN, Heavens Fire,The Boogiemen, Rock Gods

Andy’s Gear:

Fender Precision, Fender Jazz, Musicman sterling 5, Ibanez Prestige 5/6., Warwick 5 Thumb Bass, Moog Taurus 3 pedals, MarkBass Amps, MarkBass effects, Line 6 Wireless

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Band Members
Dave willow(guitar), Peter Oppenheimer(vocals), JT Harris(guitar), Alexis Von Kraven(drums), Andy Narsignh(Bass/Vocals),
Artist Name
Andy Narsingh Bassplayer/Vocalist (Dave Barrett Trio) (Juggernaut Band)
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Rock / metal, progressive Rock, Funk Rock , Instrumental / Idie

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Harbourfront, ON, CA

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