ALISON WNDRLND, a self-described method lyricist with guitar A.D.D., is a heavy-grunge, guitar driven solo artist based in Toronto, ON. Her new release, Bitch Fight, is definitely not for the faint-of-heart. The six-song EP contains an intense amount of angst, vulgar, yet sassy songs about 'the struggle' and 'fighting the good fight'.

A multi-instrumentalist and alto-tenor, Alison writes fearlessly with the ability to empower and make you cry - all with a feminist twist. This is evident right from the first track where she puts you in your place with declarations like, "...I know you're intimidated / I'll try to be nicer / but I'm not a woman / I'm a f****** force of nature!..."

“Tipper Gore would most definitely want to slap a few 'Parental Advisory - Explicit Lyric & Content' stickers on my music,” states Alison. However, if you were to meet her you'd get a polite, funny and smart woman with just a hint of shyness and insecurity.

Bitch Fight was recorded at The Gentleman's Den Recording Studio (Pickering, ON) with Dave 'Brownsound' Baksh (The Organ Thieves, Brown Brigade, formerly Sum 41) and mastered by Dr Sean Gregory at TRH Music Group (Toronto, ON). Interestingly, all of the tunes were written unplugged on her trusty Fender Squier Strat.

"This was mostly because I lived in a townhouse at the time and got tired of my crazy neighbour calling the cops on me and getting sent letters from the co-op about noise complaints,” says Alison. “I remember one time the police knocking on my door about a noise complaint when I was simply playing my piano. I knew exactly who had called. So I got creative and theorized that if I could rock out to these songs unplugged, then they would definitely melt some faces when I bust out my Line 6 Spider Amp!"

The EP, which can be streamed for free, includes feature performances by Kyle 'KSTU' Stuart and Natalie Garcia, who can be heard on the songs "Society DNA: Operation Freedom" and "Pray 4 Me" respectively. Meanwhile, Dave Brownsound provides killer guitar solos on "Bitch Fight" and "F*** Buddies".

Bitch Fight EP - Track Listing:
1. Bitch Fight (3:41)
2. F*** Buddies (Why Buy The Cow?) (2:14)
3. The Wrath Of My Madness (3:14)
4. Society DNA: Operation Freedom (feat. KSTU) (3:47)
5. Pray 4 Me (4:20)
6. Ugly As Sin (2:48)

* All songs Written and Performed by ALISON WNDRLND
** Drums by Johnny 'No Triggers' Owens / Violin by Natalie Garcia / Guitar Solos by Dave 'Brownsound' Baksh


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ALISON WNDRLND - Vocals, Electric / Acoustic Guitar, Bass
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Metal / Hard Rock / Heavy Alternative

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Toronto, ON, CA

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