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Here's our former bio: .... Formed in Beloit, KS back in the year 1996, The Disagreements have been around in one form or another, in one name or another as well, since that time. The band started off playing mostly classic rock covers and trying to find the right members and name. After lots of soul searching and numerous membership changes, The Disagreements settled on it's current lineup. This version of the band made it's live debut on the Lawrence Kansas college radio 90.7 KJHK on their local music show "Plow The Field's on Sunday September 10th, 2000 as ToAsT!. Since that time the band has recorded it's first demo CD and started to play shows throughout the area. In 2001, The Disagreements recorded and released their first album titled 'Childish Behavior.' Renowned as a strong album with every single song considered a radio single, they included a bonus track, a punk version of local legends Truck Stop Love's 'Stagnation.' While there are definite elements of Metal, Punk, Pop and Classic Rock in the mix, the music of The Disagreements is straight up Rock N' Roll. The band doesn't take it's self to seriously and they don't expect fans to either. When one attends a show by The Disagreements, they can expect a fun high energy show, with possible periods of slight nudity, technical difficulties, bad humor, jumping around, and an all around great feel. So lets get to the real dirt. Chris Goheen and Tim Morrell along with Clint Wright started the band in 1996. Clint and I planned on being a metal band so we had chosen the name Putrid Desire, but after realizing that we weren't a metal band, we chose the name Toast. We played a couple of (bad) originals but mostly (even worse) classic rock covers. Members at this time were not consistent (and neither is my memory), but they included Katie Wendall, Shannon Abram, Jerrod Roe, Nick Reiter, and Susan Holway. We played a couple of (bad) shows. After both Chris and Tim had moved to Lawrence, KS in 2000, they had to find new members. After recruiting Jason Meier on the heels of him leaving Mi6 and Matt Herbert on the heels of him leaving potty training, they continued on. This time, they refused to be a cover band so Tim, Matt, and Chris all started writing songs with Jason helping with arrangements. We added the exclamation point to the end of the name to become ToAsT! to avoid confusion with an Australian band of the same name. We recorded some (bad) demos and played our first show as a real non cover band on KJHK's local music show Plow The Fields. This lineup lasted through 3 practice spaces and the name change to The Disagreements (more and more bands named Toast were popping up all over the place) before Chris got married and was offered a job back in Beloit. We auditioned several people to take his place, but in the end we liked being a 3 piece and took on more of a punk edge to our music. We played a few shows like this. Then, we started work recording an album at The Americana Academy of Music. Tim and Matt started getting offered playing some acoustic shows on their own playing up some of the humorous sides of the music and some (stupid) tensions flaired with the end result of Jason leaving the band after just one track for the album had been completed. Tim and Matt tried continuing with some guy named Gary on drums, but Gary would never show up to practices (which were being held at his house) and then wouldn't play when he did. So we convinced Jon Lane to fill in to record the album and play with us until we could find another drummer (at least that's what we told him with no intention of finding another drummer). With Jon providing the beats, the album got recorded, and the band took on even more of a punk edge with a few of Jon's metal sensibilities showing through. After playing together for so long, and the addition of Jon bringing us a new energy, shows during this time period were pretty tight and overflowing with energy. Looking back, I pretty much consider this incarnation to be The Disagreements, Matt, Chris, Jason, and I as Toast!, and the crappy classic rock cover band as Toast Got it? Good. We continued on this way for a while. Sensing that Jon wasn't completely happy with our current selection of songs since they were a far cry from his metal love, Matt and I started crafting some new heavier songs that started getting introduced into our playlist. They weren't metal by any means, but they were a step to a harder sound. We had a really good time for a while, but at the end of summer 2002 Jon was ready to move on. Initially Tim and Matt were going to find yet another drummer to continue on with, but those plans never flushed out. 2 and a half years later, Tim was getting ready to move to Manhattan for a different job, so we all got together to play a final/reunion show, choosing to play a surprise open mic night at The Bottleneck rather than booking a full on reunion. Friend band Tophat caught wind of our plan and signed up for a spot as well. Word got out and our little hoorah turned into a pretty large show with all sorts of members of the music community, fans, and new friends coming out to check us out one last time. We ended the night at Perkins each promising we would get together and play again some time, but as of yet, lives have taken us in different directions, As of now, Matt and Tim are both married with children, and Jon lives in New York. While the book has never been closed on playing another show, the likelihood of this happening is slim to none.

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Tim (all), Matt (all), Jon (later), Chris (early), Jason (early)
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The Disagreements
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Lawrence, KS

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