Mr. Feelgood and The Firm Believers / Bio

Since late 2012, Bellingham, Washington’s Mr. Feelgood & the Firm Believers have developed at a

blinding pace into an incredibly distinct, newfangled sound. With humanity’s best intentions always in

mind, the group spreads their pure happiness and love with a vigorous, get-up-and-move energy and

sound that is unlike any other. The lyrics, written by the steady hand of lead singer and guitarist, Major

Sturm, stir within you a sense of contentment, while Nick Hoag’s unmistakable cello glides in a delicate

yet pronounced and unique manner. Drummer Reid Immel spices things up and makes your body and

soul move by incorporating a fusion of jazz, Latin and rock percussion styles and Nick Taylor keeps the

sound dynamic and intricate with his 8-string guitar.

Hoping to invoke from within and bring forth emotions, Mr. Feelgood & the Firm Believers use their

truly unmistakable sound to create a catalyst that drives one to think about their life and the people in it in

a fresh, golden perspective. The four-piece strongly believes that music can be used as a powerful tool to

shape the way people view themselves and the world around them. Mr. Feelgood aspires to make people

feel from their inner core to the tips of their fingers, the same way they do while creating their music. So

get off your seat, shake the burdens from your shoulders and start moving your feet, because this group

knows how to make you feel good. Are you a Firm Believer?

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Band Members
Major Sturm, Nick Hough, Reid Immel
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Mr. Feelgood and The Firm Believers
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Alternative / jazz / world

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Bellingham, WA
Reid Immel