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Inspired by the energetic, up-beat music created
from the 50s to the 90s, a couple of friends decided
to start a cover band to enjoy this music.
The popularity of this band quickly grew and the
party band Sir Passes was born.

With so many cover bands out there, the main
aim is clear: do the songs justice , play it as
intended, have a a blast of a time. Sir passes’
repertoire consists of party songs from atists
such as: Creedance Clearwater Revival, Bryan
Adams, Elvis Presley, Van Morrison, The Beatles
and Chuck Berry to name but a few and is a
perfect match to their formal beatlesque attire.

This three piece band consists of two vocals,
bass guitar, electric- drums and guitar.
The band travels together with full sound and
engineer if needed. An electronic drum kit ensures
that the sound levels can be controlled
and has proven useful in smaller venues and
venues in cramped neigbourhoods.

As with anything the proof is in the pudding and
the crowd’s reaction is the only proof needed.
From the shy guy in the corner tapping his feet
to the beat, to the couple dancing to one of their
favourites, everyone is guaranteed a good time.

Song requests only accepted 2 months in advance.

Contact Details:
Neil Pelser
082 326 1997

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Sir-Passes (Cover Band)
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Other / Rockabilly/Rock 'n Roll (60s to 90s)

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Pretoria, GP, ZA