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Michael William Andersen's first home [from'57-'62] was in an apartment for Teachers at Columbia University located at 25 Claremont Ave New York, NY 10027-6813 (1.2 miles from the Apollo Theater in Harlem). He visited this neighborhood in 2001 and found it near to be near Central Park and it seemed like a nice place where he would have like to have stayed.
The K-12 schools didn't accept his wish to be in the music program so his first band experience was playing guitar with Steven R. Urie in 1976 in SLC, UT at the Urie's House in the Avenues. Steve's brother Clark said he used to sound like Jimi Hendrix, which was really something back then, and Steve played a double bass drum set. Steve auditioned for the local rock bands and had a Yamaha Enduro for going dirt biking on the weekends.. The two of them were expert skiers and used to like music by The Doors or The Outlaws - themes that were influenced by the folk atmosphere of the local ski resorts. Steve had a bass player, Jeff Pittsinger, and a guitarist, Brad that had a device to make him sound like Peter Frampton. Jeff, Brad and Mike used to practice frequently until about the time when FOOLING YOURSELF (the caring young man) was aired by Styx apparently as a result of vists to Larry Hansen's house.
In the late 1970's Mike left Salt Lake City for College in Logan, Utah and when he returned Larry Hansen was gone. The Devil Iscariot entered the person he went to Logan with and at that time he was disillusioned with the people there. The inhabitants were called, "happy as can be" by the College Professor in Logan as Mormons are frequently thought of as not very bright people and constitute the majority of the population in Utah.

This is a short autobiography by Michael William Andersen:

My parents gave me lobotomy when I was about 5 years old. In about '73, one of my parents remarried and his new wife had a half decent car. I used it to date a girl from high school and used to lick her frequently. I thought Tommy Shaw of Styx contacted me concerning my relationship with her because I met a rock guitarist name Larry Hansen when I was Leopard at East High School (from 1972-1975). I think Larry told the band I was an angry young man but that they indicated the girl, Jan Haynes, enjoyed the sex. This girl was a Mormon so I had to part with her and I subsequently found God was a misnomer for dog. I now can go to places where you can lick cunts wherever I can find them (San Francisco and Vegas have these) but, I generally think that sex is so rare to find that it's impossible to plan on it. In school , I had physical problems, was not very attentive, and never could afford to plan children. As soon as I turned 21 I traveled alone to the Mustang Ranch in Nevada and got screwed. I'm single and don't have a lot of income but, make a few dollars as a recording artist.

In about 1979, I was in a mental place and I threatened the doctor so the staff there made me jump over the fence and leave. That night, I was on the beach in Santa Cruz and a dude gave me some pot. Afterwards, I walked up to a brown Ford Capri and asked another if I could stay the night. He gave me a peanut butter sandwich and lent me a sleeping bag. He asked me if I knew the Rainbow People and I said that I really never had. I sucked his dick and he told me to make sure I swallowed his cum was all. in the morning felt so much better. Everything seemed bright and interesting so I walked into the nearby church and looked into a purse that was sitting on a table. There were some keys in it and in the lot was a truck that fit the keys. It had a picture of lesbians on it that said, "END OF THE RAINBOW' on a sticker on the camper shell.

There were a few dollars in the purse so I stopped at a store and bought some pornography. Later, I ran out of gas and got taken subsequently to the Vista County Jail. One of the prisoners was named Nixon. Another was a tattooed Mexican and they both were very muscular. They made me suck their dicks in my jail cell. The peanut butter there was red and the radio was playing, "Love Stinks & Under Pressure". Coincidentally, a girl that worked in a Taffy Shop in Salt Lake City, Tammy Jackson, called me years before. She asked me to have sex with her and she was driving a brown Ford Capri.

After a few weeks they took me to the front of the jail and told me to beat it. I didn't have a cent and wound up in Merced, California at the Canyon Manor not long after. Dr. Housner and Dr. Berlant revived me with Elavil but, I gained weight so fast that I got some stretch marks. A girl I met in San Pablo , California was there. I was told by people at the gym that she was Lucifer because here eyes really glow and are green. She and the other girls want me to lick their pussies all of the time and I'm looking for work licking beavers. I would like to live in a castle that has a dungeon and lick pussy.

I told this story to the Hells Angels and they told me that it sounded like I smoked some wild shit. I used to ride a dirt bike on Sunday and I play electric guitar and bass. In the late Seventies, I looked for work singing in San Francisco and sang for Jynx at a Folsom Studio and also at Burlingame High School. I've heard that David Lee Roth likes my authoring and Janis Joplin is cute to sing, "Down on Me".

In about 1999, I took a job driving a California Yellow Cab at Cabco in Santa Ana on Dyer Rd. I was driving south in it on I5 near the Beach Cities exit after a rain storm one day when I saw the literal end of the rainbow up close. There were two rainbows in the sky over the freeway and to the east was a field of grass. I was thinking it would almost be possible to drive into the field and see the pot of gold. Like magic the rainbow shone right through my window and onto my passenger seat next to where I was sitting.

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