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Olivier Depardon is not an unknown person. We can even say that he made a big impression on everyone ten years ago, with his band, Virago. Guitar - bass - drums trio, Virago landed with a harsh and uncompromising sound. Olivier Depardon was the singer of this band, author of cutting texts formulated in a self-confident voice, often angry. Virago was one of the emblematic bands of Vicious Circle, which released both albums Introvertu and Premier Jour. 'Ouvre-moi', an extract of Premier Jour, was one of the flagship songs of the movie Baise-Moi by Virginie Despentes.

After 10 years of meetings, projects and various collaborations (Jull, Tara King Th, Nadj, Zygoma), Olivier Depardon is the author of his first solo album, Un Soleil Dans La Pluie. We recognize the same love of words. The music is more refined, often oppressive and sometimes lighter. Down to the smallest detail and never shy, his first solo album will mark the return of an expert of words and melody as we only meet a few.

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