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What happens to 1980’s No Wave musicians three decades later?
You can hear four of them perform as Victor’s Grip.

Question: Who the hell isVictor and what is his Grip?

Answer: Victor is Sticky Earth recording artist Victor Murray, co-founder of the band. The Grip is Tom Grace, the other co-founder of the band, Joe Peck and Barry Halkin.

Question: How did the band form?

Answer: Murray and Grace first teamed up in the late 1970’s as students at the then West Chester State College.They have
been writing and playing for decades. Philly music scene veteran Joe Peck has been friends with Grace since the 1980’s, and has been jamming with the band for a few years on and off. The newest member, Barry Halkin is working “on loan” while his main band, the seminal and influential The Note Killers is on a break.

Question: What bands and projects are these guys
associated with?

Answer: In no particular order they have played with, engineered, or recorded with: Corporate Yes Men, Ben Wha Torpedoes, Steve Lynn Five, Devil’s Grippe, The Note Killers, Tony Branch, Thin Ice, Jake Asta, Matt Henderson, Dan Carpenter and countless other endeavors.

The newest development of the band is the recording of the Murray/Grace original song “Cyber Creep” by the California band Army of Freshmen.

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