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As I began to modify my Squire and tear apart how I play to better modify the guitar to make the most perfect Hillbilly Grunge guitar, it become increasingly more clear, that I needed to build my own guitar, but unlike so many others that have made their own guitar, I was not interested in making a exact look alike of my Fender or a Gibson.
I wanted a unique look as well as sound, as a result I not only created a guitar with a unique look and sound, I created a "Hybrid" I call the Didleytar, and by design I also created a Didleytar with with 3 patentend pending changes and am already developing a second Didleytar with 2 of those patentend pending changes and one more.
The Didleytar was origanly built to help me further the development of Hillbilly Grunge however it can be used for most any brand of music you play.
The Didleytar also comes with the ability to teach a musician at any level how to use their amp and stomp boxes even better with no knobs on the Didleytar, the pickup is "Hot Roded" to the out put jack allowing greater control over the amp and stomp boxes.
We here at Skull Thumper are also developing a Amplifier, that will also be a hybrid amp.

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Wicked Sarah
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Skull Thumper
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Rockabilly / Hillbilly Grunge, Outlaw Country / Southern Rock

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Eufaula, OK
Wicced Sarah