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Remi Hill is an American singer/songwriter from Pheonix Arizona. Since 2012, she has been inspired by the classic rock of past decades; including iconic bands such as ACDC, Guns and Roses, Joan Jett, Def Leppard, and Rush. Remi has been a musician since she was very young; playing piano at age 8 and experimenting with songwriting as a young teenager.

Remi Hill has worked with producers Daniel Gerwig and John Herrera, bringing colorful song concepts to life through collaboration and hard work. “Nothing is more magical than having an idea for a song, bringing it to the guys and making it come to life. Hearing something that began as a few piano chords and a melody transform into a living breathing rock song is unlike any other experience I’ve had.”

Since Remi’s initial break into the industry she has explored different niches within the rock genre. “When I first started, I was definitely all about the glam! Def Leppard, Van Halen, Motley Crue…I fell in love with the over the top theatrics and the upbeat, highly produced tracks. You can definitely hear their influence in my first couple of songs! I’ve since evolved as an artist, and decided to add more modern production techniques– while still keeping the vintage up-beat soul of the genre. I’m really excited for my new material to hit the market. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever written and I’m eager for my fans to give me their feedback.”

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