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The Joker And The Jester (Originally Shadow & Khaos) decided to make a Parody of a song called "Death Comes To Us All" which had a lot of controversy around this particular song, however we still continued what we loved doing which was Parodies when we first started out. Once we had made that, we both decided to do a Parody of Call me Maybe By Carly Rae Jepsen. We thought then thought we would form a duo of making Parodies of other Artist and songs.
Some of the Lyrics in our songs are quite graphical but none of the lyrics are meant to offend or insult anyone, this again caused a bit of controversy to some haters. They just couldn't read that the lyrics are just in a comical way. As we progressed with making parodies we decided to add a new Genre which was "Comedy Hip-Hop" we wanted to be known as 2 people who could rap but in a comedy way as well as making Parodies. Since September 2012 up till now (So Far 7 Sept 2013) we have made 3 Full Albums and 11 Singles. As of 6th September we have started our 4th Album keeping the Comedy Hip-Hop style to it but adding another style of Genre to our music this is "Rapcore" we both decided during August 2013 we would be giving a more "Punk" look to the duo as well as the "Comedy Hip-Hop" as Originally started. We both feel even at this early stage of playing Rapcore music, it suits us well and we hope to continue this more in each Album we create.

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The Joker + The Jester [Joker - Vocals/Lyrics/Guitar] [Jester - Vocals/Beats/Guitar/Bass]
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The Chicken And Bellz Life
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Comedy / Rapcore / Horrorcore

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Cambridge, UK

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