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Dorjee burst into the Indie music scene in the UK with his hybrid of blues and pop, all channeled through his rock and metal routes. A captivating singer/songwriter, he is a passionate, soulful performer who takes his listeners on a journey through his world, where time and memory play an important role. He creates intense personal moments, dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet from time to time. His lyrics reflective of his Tibetan roots, embrace the essence of his life from an urban perspective. "Acoustic Psychadellia" is how he would like to categorize his music.
Influenced early on by British bands such as Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden and Radiohead, Dorjee chose to play bass for a heavy metal band due to his then lacking skills with the six strings. Eventually becoming the front man and bassist for bands trying to make bass playing as relevant as possible, he began searching for inspiration in different forms of art. With that in mind, he travelled to remote villages in India for most parts of his early career. It wasn’t until February 2013 that his solo career was given first priority and he got back to playing the guitar. He explains his music in words that may take a deeper understanding of self being to comprehend.
“To share the idea of how we are all miniscule particles of a ginormous Rubik’s cube being twisted and turned by a little child”
Being part of the London and UK music circuit from 2010 - 2014, Dorjee has played at the several festivals such as Strawberry Fields, Silfest, NEWT and at the Water Rats among other venues with his band Howlin’ Circus. With his debut EP, Glassful of Smoke, with Calper (Jamie Harper) Dorjee seems to be reaching out to everyone from the coasts of Brazil to underground music lovers in Asia.
He is currently based in Toronto, Canada, working on new solo material and with Howlin' Circus which has shifted base from London to Canada too!

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