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I am Reverend Chas. Chollie Rhythm Cdre.

MY credo is:
Do the Right thing.
Keep Speech free.
Creating is the answer!

I respect all the good books and all the great information . I value skepticism but dislike contraryianism.
"A religion old or new that stresses the magnificence of the Universe as revealed by Modern Science may be able to draw forth reserves of reverence and awe hardly tapped by the conventional faiths sooner or later such a religion shall emerge." Carl Sagan " A pale Blue Dote".
MY ceremonies are all about art and music . I exalt All of the creators. Everyone is a creator or a destroyer . We continue the discussion of living a healthy happy life through the use of ever-growing knowledge. . using all great books written and yet to be written.
The greatest things can be created when there are smiles , joy and peace.
A popular religion asks its followers two questions for entry into their heaven:
Did you find joy for yourself? Did you bring joy to others?
I know now is time to create joy. Id prefer a heaven on earth instead of people thinking its later and allowing earth to be un-heaven like.
Reverend Rhythm.

On this site are some "rhythms" to achieve Success.
Success is all things of greatness coming with ease!- Depak Choprah

These mantras, rubrics and rules are
ways to master
then take advantage of personal limitations. -RR

There are ways to use Art, Music and Creating To solve problems with science as the engineer. We will Inspire each other to make "Art work" engineering it with science & creating greatness. . We go a long way to removing the mystery of {and need for} heaven later... if we know we can create one here and now.

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