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I play Guitar and Bass and produce my songs with help by some friends.
I make music since I am 11 years old. Sometimes more, sometimes less and sometimes not at all. I grew up listening to all kinds of Rock'n'Roll, Rock and Metal.
But music never was my first choice. I made sports all my life and with 28 years I wanted to become a Tennis trainer but had to burry this dream because of an accident with my back. If that wouldn't have happened I'd never had a guitar in my hand again, so focused was I on sports.
Beeing unable to do much for quite a while I started playing guitar more and more. In the begining I was just jamming to AC/DC and Black Sabbath music. As time went by I played more and more and finally there was always music in my had and I felt a strong desire to compose and record Rock and Blues songs.
So, here I am.
My gear: Gibson Les Paul Standart connected to a Vox Tonelab Soundboard.
I have an MAudio Fire Wire Interface and use Cubase for recordings.
ReverbNation is a very cool thing. I got to know some nice peolple from all over the world and I am collaborating with a wonderful musician from NYC, as you can hear in the first two songs.
Thank you for all the positive feedback.

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Mathias Delair
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Blues / Rock / Rock'n'Roll

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Essen, NW, DE