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"I have been active in the music business for many decades and in that time have heard many thousands of artists. Because I've heard and worked with so many, these days it takes a lot to really blow me away. Sean Dennison really blew me away! I was lucky enough to see him perform live in the Caribbean and he grabbed my attention and held it with his superb lyrics and great melodies, but most of all by the sheer emotion he communicates. I recently heard a couple of recordings he did and I'm really looking forward to his new album. Among so many singer-songwriters, Sean really stands out as something special." - Tony Rockliff, Producer
"Sean Dennison is a super clever writer jumping way over cliches to get to the heart of the matter. He manages to stay completely current with his sound while touching on subjects that have been near and dear to people's hearts for centuries, as can be heard in his song "She's Alive in Me". Sean's got the voice, the look and knows how to command an audience. Any record label would be lucky to work with him!" - Deedee O'Malley ( Los Angeles Music Awards Singer/Songwriter of the Year, Three time winner of The John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Star 98.8 Lilith Fair Winner, # 1 Indie artist of the year by Music Connection Magazine, Winner of The VHI Songwriting Competition.)

"Today is a better day. Because I say so, not some damn cliche." - - Sean Dennison / She's Alive In Me

The first time I heard Sean, this line caught my attention. I thought it was a great line then, but now every time I hear that song and that line, I think it represents more than just a lyric written by Sean. It represents the cool, gutsy, edgy, attitude that pervades Sean's style. And I mean all aspects of his style - both his writing and his performances have this quality. His voice is edgy and sounds seasoned beyond his years. His writing is poignant, descriptive and above all else, cool. I have had the privilege of backing up Sean as his lead guitar player both in live and recording situations. It's an honor that I always look forward to. Sean has staying power. One way or another this guy is going to be creating great music for a long time. I feel fortunate to have been a part of it so far and look forward to what's next. He's no "damn cliche." - Tim Baumgartner (lead guitar/session player of Tbaum & the Tall Boys)

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Sean Dennison
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Singer Songwriter / Adult Contemporary / pop rock

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Austin, TX

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