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Destined to be a Pop Star - Singer, Songwriter, Pianist, Composer - Masumi Yamamoto - was Born in Niigata, Japan in the nineteen eighties. Masumi began her career in Music with Piano lessons at age 4, and Classical Music performances at age 6. Her father was a fan of American Pop Music and Jazz. This created the perfect home environment for Masumi to develop. She grew up with a strong American Music Influence. Masumi discovered that she was gifted with “Perfect Pitch” about this time, and was able to copy her favorite music, by ear, and play it on the Piano. In Elementary School, Masumi began to expand her Music knowledge by learning to play the Cello. In Junior High School, Masumi added playing the Drums and Percussion to her list of accomplishments. After graduation from Junior High School, Masumi began Dancing in the High School dance club. That exposed her to Hip Hop and R&B Music. Masumi moved to Yokohama Japan. In Yokohama Masumi attend as many live performances by American Artists as her busy school schedule allowed. She saw American artists, K- CI & JoJo, Boyz II Men, Christina Agulara, Destiny’s Child, and decided she had to have a career in this exciting Music Industry. Masumi felt she had to go to the USA, the place where R&B Music had its roots. After graduation from the University in Yokohama, Masumi got her wish, and moved to Los Angeles to study Composition. Masumi say’s, “ I wanted to be a composer, but decided that I should concentrate on developing my Singing abilities”. Eleven months later, the first demo of the songs written, programmed and performed by Masumi, were played for Fortress Records. Masumi was signed to Fortress Records. Masumi is one of the new breed of female artists. She is one of the few artists who actually create and program their own beats. She uses her knowledge of composition and her abilities as a drummer to make her tracks and her piano playing skills to add a wonderful combination of sounds that at once intrigue and excite any true music lover. The songs allow deep inner feelings to come out. They give young females a voice. Lovers always win.

It’s OK to Love is the message.

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